March 6, 2008

Sharon McBurney
7 Windsor Place
Barnoldswick, Lancashire
England  BB186HD

Hi Lyn,
I graduated in ’75.  I would like to come to one of your reunions, but only if someone knows or remembers me!  As you can tell by my postal address, I have quite away to travel, plus its time off from work.  I have a brother (Ray) William Raymond.  He would of graduated 76!  Maureen 78! And we all live in England. They (Ray & Maureen) live by Liverpool.  My other sister Michelle lives at Las Grange, Kentucky.  They all have e-mails, except myself.  Hope this letter arrives.  Then I shall give you some more details about us all.
So I shall go back to listening to the Eagles and think about High School.  I didn’t mix well which I regret now.  I was married for twenty years.  I have three sons and one daughter, two grandchildren and one cocker spaniel.  I have often wanted to move back to the U.S. but it is getting to late now.  Hope all is OK.  Till the next time. 
Sharon McBurney 75! 

Probably make it to 2009 reunion.  

May 10, 2004

Hi All, had a message from Candy that was passed to her from Jeff  Flickenger (72).  Joel Bentley (Chemistry and Physics) teacher died May 9 due to Heart problems and Blood Cancer. 

Lyn Pool

April 27, 2004

Hadite friends.............

After once again talking with Mary Anne's husband, Mike, I have the following information to pass on.

She passed away Monday Morning, April 26, without pain. She has been cremated.

Mary Anne had suffered from cancer for about 4 years now and had been taking treatments on a regular basis. It finally got the best of her but Mike wants all of her Hadite friends to know that she had often spoke of them and the memories of Heyford/Croughton. Mike also wants you to know that she "never" gave up and fought the disease to the very last breath.

Donations are being accepted in Mary Anne Laumann's memory at the:

ARLINGTON, TX    76012

You may also contact Mike & the family at:


God bless you all,

April 26, 2004

I'm deeply saddened to inform all of you that Mary Anne Lencewicz Laumann, Class of '71, has passed away after an extended illness. Her husband, Mike, called me last night to break the news!

As of now I do not have any further details but I will pass them on when I receive them.

Mary Anne was a very close friend of mine since our Heyford days and I ask that you all take a moment and pray for her and her family!

God bless you all........... John Davis '69

January 11, 2004


Just wanted to let you know that my sister, Georgia Hall, class of 1974, died January 6, 2004, after a long struggle with cancer. Thank you for your website...she really enjoyed getting in touch with so many of her old classmates.

Mary Hall Rainey

July 10, 2002

The souvenirs are great!! Over the past year, I've bought the mugs, t-shirts, sweat shirt, baseball shirt, baseball cap, tiles, license plate holder, mouse pad - just to name a few. What I've noticed is the quality has been first rate. My favorite things have to be the mousepad and mugs with the aerial view which always seem to bring on questions like, "You went to school there??!!!". Explaining our school and the great times we had have brought back even more great memories. Thanks for everything!

Lynne (Sullivan) Moore '69

May 28, 2002

It is with extremely heavy heart that I tell you that Linda (McNeely) Smith, Class of 74, died this weekend. Her funeral will be held on Thursday, 30 May at 10am at the Rose Neath Funeral Home on Marshall Street in Shreveport, Louisiana. The viewing will be held at 5pm on Wednesday, 29 May. If you would do me the favor of passing this on to those that knew her, I would appreciate it.Thanks,

Liz Stewman '70

April 8, 2002

Here's the results of the 2003 Las Vegas Reunion reserved seating survey. The question was "Would you prefer reserved seating with your class or era (1967 - 1972 for example) or would you rather take your chances on finding your own seat?"

Yes, I prefer reserved seating 87%
No, I'd rather find my own seat 0%
Don't care one way or the other     13%

Thanks to everyone who took the time to participate. Here's a few comments from e-mails that you sent:

"My only thought about "pick your own seat" is that someone might get ostracized."

"I have mixed emotions.  While I would like to sit with my class --- I, like many others, have friends in the others classes to sit with. But I suppose, for the dinner, sit with my class would be my choice."

"My vote definitely goes to having the classes sit together at the same table/s. That will be far better even though our tables would be a bunch of old fogies!!"

"What do you think my answer was?  Let's see--travel that far, spend money, get psyched, etc to meet. . .new people, or spend time with auld lang syne? Hmmm, its a tough one, but even tho I didn't go to college I think I've got the answer to this one! Yes, reserved seats."

"By the way I DON'T want to sit with my class at the reunion. I didn't even really know anyone in my class, I hung with the older ones...And the ones I did know married upperclassman from there ha ha. My class wasn't cool ha ha."

"In reference to your question re seating at the next reunion. I would prefer to sit with my class. Most people end up sitting with classmates anyway."       

"I think we should do some type of reserved sections for the different era's. I believe visiting with old friends is what reunions are all about."

"I really appreciate your thinking ahead to the next reunion and "YES" I agree that seating by graduation year or years is a great idea!!"  

"My vote is for "reserved seating" cause I want gumps like you and Ren to be near me so I can keep an eye on your sorry asses... hehehehhe!!!!"

"Just wanted to let you know I am for the reserved seating at the Saturday night dinner."

"I would certainly want to be seated with all the people I know.  Otherwise, it wouldn't be very much fun."

"I agree with the concept.  It was a shame that we didn't all sit close to one another in DC. You might have some hurt feelings if you pick the wrong year to divide the seating by. How about  67-72 then 73-76 in the same proximity etc. around the room. It would limit the interaction with other classes, but at least we could keep all the rowdies in one area."

"I would rather sit with my friends and not a bunch of people I don't know."

"No way I want to sit with people I don't know, especially the younger ones!!"

"I like the idea of sitting with my friends from the years I was at Heyford. Doesn't necessarily have to be with my class, but I'd rather not have to sit with people I don't know."

"Thanks for asking us about this - I hope someone listens! I'd most definitely rather have a reserved seat with my class and friends!"

"Well when you consider the money I'll be spending to attend the reunion in Las Vegas, you better believe I want to sit with my class!!"

"I don't really care if I sit with my class but I would like to sit with my friends and people that I know."

"How come the reunion committee isn't asking questions like this? Thanks for your interest, I'm glad somebody cares. Put me down as in favor of sitting with my class!"

"I appreciate you asking us about this. Love your website! I don't want to sit with strangers so yes I am in favor of reserved seating."

"What's the point of having a reunion if you can't be with your friends? I vote yes for reserved seating with my classmates."

"Thanks for all the hard work you put in with your web site. I think sitting with my class would be a lot better than sitting with people I don't know. Great idea Gary."

And the best comment of them all...

"I just want to sit next to Phyllis Barnes..."

Gary '69

March 4, 2002

Dear Class of 1971,
My name is Lyn Kulczyk Pool and I am the database Keeper for the Upper Heyford/Croughton Alumni Association. I am very sorry to tell you that you have lost a classmate. Greg Laramie died last March. I just this minute got off the phone with his mother. It took her this long to let me know because she lost 6 other people to death last year. If anyone wants any more information you can e-mail me. Please make this next reunion. We never know what lies just around the corner for us. This was the reunion that Greg was going to attend. 

Lyn Kulczyk Pool '73

March 2, 2002

About 22 years ago, I let my teenage niece wear my high school ring.  She was intrigued with it because it came from England.  We had gone shopping in a nearby city and when we got home, she did not have the ring on her finger.  I was heartbroken because of the memories that my Heyford High School ring held for me. She must have taken if off when washing her hands some time during the day and left it there.  Anyway, for years now I have wondered where it was and who had it.  Well, now 22 years later,  to my surprise, I got an email from a total stranger asking me if I had lost my high school ring. I immediately answered him and the story started to unfold.  A gentleman by the name of Bob Settle in Greenville, SC bought the ring in an antique store 20 years ago. He was intrigued by it because it came from England.  Off and on over the last 20 years, he has tried to find the owner. He tried contacting the school recently and then began to look on the internet. Thanks to your site, Gary, he found me! My maiden name and my a-mail address were listed on your site. Since my initials were in the ring, he felt sure it must be mine.  After several emails and phone calls, I now have my Heyford High School ring on my finger again. Thank You Gary for taking the time to develop a Heyford site and my thanks to Bob Settle for never giving up for over 20 years!

Patt Burleson '70
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