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Gary Crandell '69
Summer 2010

2012 Hadite Reunion

The 2012 UHHS - CHS Alumni Association reunion will be held in Seattle, Washington. Terry Nelson '73 is the committee organizer.

October 19, 2009

2012 Hadite Reunion

Voting is now open for the Hadite 2012 Reunion. Please send your e-mail to Lyn Kulczyk Pool at

One vote per person please. I'll throw out any that look like repeats...

Vote for:
Salt Lake City
San Diego

Lyn Lulczyk Pool '73
Hadite Data Keeper

January 18, 2009

Overseas Brats Arizona Regional Conference
featuring Joe Condril, President, Overseas Brats

Saturday, February 14, 2009 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Aunt Chilada's Hideaway Restaurant (tel: 602-944-1286)
7330 North Dreamy Draw Dr.
Phoenix, AZ

Schools/communities among the registered include:
Admiralty Heights, Alamogordo MS/NM, Ankara, Athens, Augsburg, Aviano, Bangkok, Berlin, Boeblingen, Brussels, Camp McGill, Chanute, Chateauroux, Edwards /California, Franklin/Belleville/Illionis, Hamura, Holloman JHS/NM, Lajes, Lakenheath,  Kaimuki, Kaiserslautern, Maryknoll, Munich, Omaha/NE, Orleans, Oslo, Rochefort, Sembach, Seymour Johnson AFB/NC,  Tehran, Ventura/California, Yokota and Zweibrucken.

(Please note:  This is an approximate schedule. Each regional event is different because of the location, number of people who attend, their experiences and the various situations happening at the time.)

11 a.m – Noon  - Welcome!   Registration and visiting.
Noon – 1 p.m. – Lunch.
1 – 1:30 p.m. – Discovering the special people we are.
1:30 – 2:15 p.m. – Share your heritage with us!
2:15 – 2:30 p.m. – Break
2:30 – 4 p.m.

*Using your strengths as a Brat/Educator to survive and thrive in troubled times. Where do you stand out from the crowd?
*What’s happening in the BIG picture that connects with you as a Brat?
*How do you respond to the following questions:
    What was a year of transition for you whenever/wherever you were a Brat/Educator?
    As an adult (or in recent years), what was a year of transition for you?

(Some of your responses could be used in OVERSEAS BRATS magazine!)  

Register before February 6 and you'll receive a discount! Go to:

Costs are:
$28 per person before February 6;
$33 per person after February 6.
Costs inlcude the luncheon, handouts,and presenter's time.
At this time payment can be made by:
1) Registering online.  See above.

2) Mailing to OVERSEAS BRATS,
P.O. Box 47112, Wichita, KS  67201

Either check payable to OVERSEAS BRATS or VISA, Discover, MasterCard, American Express card number, expiration date AND telephone number.
3) FAXing or calling in your credit card information to (316) 269-9610.

January 11, 2009

High School Transcripts

The following information has been provided by Joe Condril, President, Overseas Brats:

Thompson Prometric has taken over from the Educational Testing Service as the depository of those who attended the Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS) or Department of Defense Educational Activity (DoDEA) schools.

To get a copy of your transcripts, you need to either them FAX them at: 609-895-5026 or write them at:

Thompson Prometric, Attn: DoDDS
P.O. Box 6605
Princeton, NJ  08541-6605

and include the following:
Your full name
Date of birth
Social Security Number
Name of the school you attended
Graduation year (dates of attendance)
Where you want the transcript sent to
Your signature (this is a MUST!)

The transcripts are free and requests take two weeks to process.

Thompson Prometric's main phone number is 609-895-5000 and you will have to ask for a Ms. Moore because most of the employees do not understand the terms DoDDS, dependents nor overseas schools.

Note: Thompson Prometric can only provide transcripts currently from the year 2000 back to the beginning. Newer information does not get transfered to them until after five years has elapsed.

January 10, 2009

Underpriviledged Youth Scholarship Fund

As some of you may know, Mrs. Eleanor Peay passed away on December 1, 2008 after a long battle with diabetes and other health related issues. Mrs. Peay, affectionately known as "Mamma Peay",  worked in the serving line of the school lunchroom at UHHS during the 1970's and was loved by all who knew her. She was active in community affairs throughout her adult life and one of her many interests was the establishment of a scholarship fund for underpriviledged youth. If you would like to contribute to this fund, please send your donation to:

Brown Chapel Youth Scholarship Fund
801 Charity Road
Chester, SC  29706

The address is the home of her husband, John Peay Sr., and either he or his son David will make sure any contributions made will be put into the scholarship fund. Thank you.

11/10/2008 1:00:33 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time

Please see the following message I just got from Sabrina and remember Mike and the Gray family in your prayers.  Please pass this on to all the other Hadites you know.  If you’ve received this in error or as a duplicate I am truly sorry but time is of the essence.

Sherrie (Adams) Rogers
Class of 79

From: Sabrina Carnes '77
Sent: Monday, November 10, 2008 12:23 PM

I spoke to Deborah Gray this morning who had just spoken to her mother.  Her mom told her if she wanted to speak to Mike she needed to come now he was very weak and could no longer walk.  I spoke to Mike within the past thirty days and his body was reacting to the medication very well I don't have a clue how it changed so quickly.  Life is not promised and we don't know what each day brings so I beg you all to live right and enjoy it.  Michael has asked that you all get regular check ups he has colon cancer and he said to tell you guys please please please get check ups for preventive maintenance.  I have cried so much and prayed hard for my (our) brother Michael it hurts me because he's family.  You too are all my family and as you can see age means nothing keep in touch with each other drop a line to at least one old friend from time to time.  I will hopefully get to speak to Mike a little later this afternoon so I will convey your well wishes to him.  Love you all Sabrina

Hey Guys,

Heads up - Mike has taken a turn for the worst.  Please let anyone know who knows him.  We think less than 2 weeks.


We need your prayer!

Deborah Gray Relyea

September 24, 2008

Directory is done!!!  Directories are mailed out to all dues paying members of the UHHS/CHS alumni Association.  If you would like a directory and are not a dues paying member you can send a check or money order made out to UHHS/CHS Alumni Association.  Check or money order is $3.00.  Send to me: Lyn Kulczyk Pool, P.O. Box 376, Liberty Hill, TX  78642.  I'll mail you out a directory as soon as I get your request.

Lyn Pool '73
Hadite Data Keeper

January 16, 2008

Changes are afoot!!!  As you may or may not know or noticed… is no longer in service. Our official Web Site is now this one. We want to thank Fred Antrobus for all his help in stepping in when Dan Kubicek could no longer be our Webmaster. But as with all things, Fred got busier than usual at work and he kept having server problems.  Being able to access our website is extremely important, especially when it comes to updating information. Sometimes we only get one shot at something and if you can’t get to where you need to be then the information may get lost. Gary has done a superior job with his website and it was just a natural transition from there to here.  Drop him a line occasionally and let him know just how much we appreciate him!!! 

Lyn Pool '73
Hadite Data Keeper

October 20, 2004

I wanted to let the alumni association and its members know that
my book, "Conquering Adversity:  Six Strategies to Move You and
Your Team Through Tough Times," was published this week by
Cornerstone Leadership Institute (Dallas, TX) and is available
online at or or by
phone (888) 789-5323.  There is also a link at my website

I am a 1979 graduate of SHAPE as was my wife, Cynthia Novak
(Short).  Cynthia was killed in 1998 by a driver high on drugs who
ran a stop sign.  This book will motivate your mind and inspire
your heart as it reveals real-life strategies that help readers
discover the hero inside all of us.  I have attached an
announcement for reference.

We are all alumni of an overseas military experience that helped
shape who we are today.  I would appreciate your helping me get
the word out to your members on this inspirational book.

Thank you,

Christopher Novak
SHAPE, '79