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Welcome. This page lists a few questions that I get asked on a regular basis, and I've attempted to answer them to the best of my knowledge. If you have a question that's not listed here, please feel free to email me ok?

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Where can I find information about the 2012 reunion?
The 2012 reunion was held July 12 -15 in Seattle, Washington. Go here for more information.

I lost my yearbook, is there somewhere I can get another one?
Unfortunately the publisher (Jostens, http://www.jostens.com) only keeps spare copies for a period of one year. Since our last graduating class was in 1997 they regretfully informed me that they no longer have any copies of any Hadite yearbooks. However, I am attempting to put all of our yearbooks online here at UHHS Stuff and they will be available on CD as well. So far the 1977 yearbook is completed and the 1976 yearbook is in progress (much thanks to James Plemmons '79 for allowing me to borrow his yearbooks.) It's a pretty ambitious project but something I feel needs to be done. Btw, class rings can also be replaced at Jostens.

Who can attend the Saturday morning business meeting at the reunions?
The business meeting is open to any Hadite who wishes to attend. This is when the sites for the next reunion are selected for the voting process. The reunion organizing committee consists of Hadites who volunteer after a site has been selected. Questions regarding the Alumni Association can also be addressed at these meetings so I strongly encourage everyone to attend.

I'm not a paid member of the Alumni Association, can I still attend the reunion?
Absolutely. The reunions are for Hadites everywhere, you don't have to be a paid member to attend. You do need to be registered with the Alumni Association to receive the registration packet though, so make sure the Alumni Association has your current contact information. Contact Candy Falder '73 (Treasurer) or Julie Peacock Brown '83 (Data Keeper) if you aren't sure if you are registered, or would like to register.

How come I never received a class photo from the 2003 Reunion?
Apparently a number of people have had this problem. If you signed up for the package deal with Blast From the Past Reunions you should've received a photo. However, this turned out to be the group shot of all the classes, not your individual class. If you did not sign up for the package deal, then you had to order a photo and pay for it separately. To contact Blast From the Past Reunions, go to the website, click on the Reunions link, and then scroll down to Upper Heyford.

How many Hadites are paid members of the Alumni Association?
There are approximately 250 paid members at this time.

What is the dues money used for?
The dues money is used to pay for the printing and postage costs of the newsletters, for the most part. It is also used to help cover the cost of reunion t-shirts and mementos.

How often do the newsletters come out?
The newsletters are scheduled to be sent out once every three months to paid members.. The newsletter relies on input from everyone, so please keep your class rep informed of what you've been up to. The current editor of the newsletter is Jamie Francis Melton '83.

How can I find out who my class rep is?
The current class reps are listed on this site.

Who's in charge of the Alumni Association?
Actually, you are. There isn't any one person or group calling the shots, or making decisions about things. In the beginning, there wasn't that many Hadites registered with the association, and so it's pretty much been a self-governing entity over the years. Today, however, we have quite a few more members than we used to and we need to be more structured and organized simply due to the size of the group now. This is an issue that a few people would like to see discussed at the business meeting Saturday morning during the reunion, so be sure to attend if you would like to have your voice heard. Although nobody is in charge of the alumni association itself, Julie Peacock Brown '83 is the Datakeeper, Candy Falder '73 is the Treasurer, Jamie Francis Melton '83 is the editor of the newsletter, and Becky Broshar-Gordon '73 is the Class Reps Coordinator.

Am I a member of the Alumni Association if I don't pay the $12.00 annual dues?
No. You are automatically an alumni of UHHS or CHS if you attended either school, even if you didn't graduate there, but to be a member of the Association, you need to have paid the annual dues fee of $12.00 to the Treasurer Candy Falder '73 and be registered with the Hadite database. If you aren't sure you are registered contact Julie Peacock Brown '83, the Hadite Datakeeper.

What happened to Upgrades Etc. and Hadites.com?
Upgrades Etc was the first comprehensive Hadite website for UHHS and CHS and was the only Hadite website on the Internet at the time, so it became the official site. In 2005, Dan and Robin Kubicek, webmasters of the site, decided that, due to increasing business and personal concerns, it was time for them to move on. The Alumni Association purchased the Hadites.com domain name and renamed the old Upgrades Etc site, and Fred Antrobus '75 volunteered to be the new webmaster. Unfortunately there was a problem with the server for the website and Fred's workload at his job eventually increased to the point where he was unable to devote the time and effort needed to maintain the site. As a result, in January 2008 UHHS Stuff became the official Alumni Association website.

What happened to the photos?
Homestead decided to opt out of hosting photo albums online so the photo galleries aren't online at the moment but will be as soon as a suitable photo site is found. Thank you for your patience.

Where did the school nickname come from?
Rick Hunter '68 and Mike Brown '69 came up with the name back in 1966, during the first year of the school's existence. The word "Hadite" essentially means "hell raiser" (unofficially of course...) You can find out more about the origin of Upper Heyford High School on the Hadite History page.

Where do you get the graphics and backgrounds for this site?
I make my own graphics and backgrounds, sometimes I draw them first and scan them into my computer, and sometimes I use a program called Paint Shop Pro to create them.

Does the Alumni Association pay for this web site?
No, I pay all the costs myself out of my own pocket.

What happened to the Web Poll?
Hardly anyone was responding so I decided to drop it for now, but I might try it again later.

Does the Hadite mascot have a name?
Well actually, no he doesn't. I created the mascot on this site for the Class of '69 and I've just been calling him the Hadite dude. There's been a number of different versions of the official Hadite mascot but I've never heard of a name for him, apart from "the mascot". Can anybody help me out here?

What do the stars on the Class of '69 flag signify?
The stars represent the thirty one classes that graduated from UHHS and CHS, with the star in the middle representing the Class of '69.

How come my class doesn't have a flag?
You'll have to ask your class rep about that. The idea was first brought up by Becky Broshar Whitney '73 in 2002. A few of the classes have designed one for the reunion but several class reps indicated they weren't interested.

Are you making any money off sales of souvenirs?
No. Any profit from the souvenirs goes towards the cost of the souvenirs web site. In the two years of its existence, the souvenir shop has not generated enough sales to cover these costs.