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The UHHS/CHS Alumni Association is seeking class representatives for the following classes:
If you would be interested in representing your class, please send an e-mail to Becky Broshar-Gordon '73.

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There's been a number of Hadites who haven't included what year they graduated, 
or would've graduated if they hadn't moved, when signing the guestbook so they 
are now listed at the bottom of the page.
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Ken Bell
CHS, coach
Arnold Goldstein
Assistant Principal 
April 1967 - Dec 1969
Norman E. Kuhne
Croughton, UH Elementary
Coach, cross country, soccer
Kenneth Lacasse
Haskel Lentz
1966 - 1969
Dennis Marsh
Electronics, Auto Mechanics
1978-1980, 1987-1994
Jane McEldowney
Health Educator, School Nurse
1985 - 1989
John Orolin
Math, Computer Science
1968 - 1979
Thomas F. Sanders Jr.
History, coach, football, wrestling
Iris Schreiber
1968 - 1989
Sue Dixon Woodell
Coach/Substitute Teacher
1987 - 1992
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