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Welcome to Go Hadites, home of the only Hadite gifts and souvenirs in the galaxy. Here you will find Hadite gifts, clothing, and souvenirs for UHHS and CHS, as well as for each class and reunion souvenirs. Please scroll down to see the latest product updates.

2003 was the best year ever for souvenir sales, mostly due to the reunion in Las Vegas and the Class of '86 reunion that was held in Dallas. It was nice to see people wearing shirts showing off their class year in Vegas, so a big thanks to everyone for your orders and a special thanks to the Class of '86--I'm glad you guys liked the t-shirts!! I donated six large commemorative mugs as door prizes in Vegas, congratulations to those of you who won one, I hope you like them!

As some of you may know, the money generated by sales goes towards the cost of providing this website and the souvenirs website. So far, the income from sales has never covered these costs but as long as there's some interest in the souvenirs I'm more than willing to keep the souvenirs available ok? If any classes out there are having their own reunion and would like a custom designed one of a kind souvenir, like the Class of '86 did last summer, please feel free to send me an e-mail and let me know ok? 

Thanks again everyone for your support and for showing off your Hadite spirit!! 
All graphics and logos for the souvenirs designed and created by Gary R. Crandell.
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Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the shirts as well as the mousepads and big mug that I purchased with my previous order. 
Kim  '74
The souvenirs are great!! Over the past year, I've bought the mugs, t-shirts, sweat shirt, baseball shirt, baseball cap, tiles, license plate holder, mouse pad - just to name a few. What I've noticed is the quality has been first rate. My favorite things have to be the mousepad and mugs with the aerial view which always seem to bring on questions like, "You went to school there??!!!". Explaining our school and the great times we had have brought back even more great memories. Thanks for everything!

Lynne '69

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Product update

T-shirts and souvenirs for the 2006 reunion in San Antonio are now available through the Hadites souvenir shop at These will not be available at the reunion itself so if you'd like one of the souvenirs you need to order it online, ok? 

The souvenirs: t-shirts, including a women's t-shirt and jr. baby doll shirt, a golf shirt, men and women's tank tops, baseball jersey, trucker's hat, coffee mug, stein, fridge magnets, buttons, mouse pad, and a ceramic coaster. Pictured below is the graphic for the coffee mug and stein, featuring a photo of the Riverwalk with the Hadite mascot standing in the water... please note the actual graphic is high resolution and is much better than what's pictured here, ok?
I really like the stuff you're selling on the website. The Air Force Brat Dept. on the back of the shirts is great! I When you create something it seems like you never run out of ideas. The labor of love with the website has made many people very happy, including me! The ability to use current technology to preserve our past... We would not have been able to find our fellow classmates nor would we have had a central location where we can come together again! Keep up the good work!

Chuck '70
Just got my "Hadite Goddess" t-shirt - LOVE IT! Thanks for all your hard work on the website and the great souvenirs. Keeps the memories alive.

Nancy '75

Coffee mug and stein graphic