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Welcome. This is a web site dedicated to the students and faculty of Upper Heyford High School and Croughton High School, England - the Hadites.  This was a special time and place in our lives and I hope this site will bring back fond memories and will help you find old friends and classmates. 
This site designed and created on October 20, 2000 by Gary Crandell '69. 
As always, any questions, comments or suggestions are welcome. 
Hadite Souvenirs
Gifts and souvenirs with class 
year on them available for all 
years (1967-1997). 

Go here to check it out.
Hadite Info

In Memoriam
Click here to see a list of Hadite students and faculty who are no longer with us.

If you have a name to add to this page, please email me. Thanks.
This page was updated on October 18, 2020
This site is currently being overhauled after 19 years. Some features are going away, others will be added. There's a lot to be done so thank you in advance for your patience. Please see the Hadite News section below and don't forget to sign the guestbook down at the bottom of this page! As always, comments and suggestions are welcome. 

Thanks, I hope to see you again soon!

Once a Hadite
Always a Hadite

Gary Crandell '69

Hadite History
Ever wonder where the Hadite name came from, or who the first ever Hadite Homecoming Queen was? Check out the Hadite History page to find out!!

Class Slogans

Letters and emails of interest

Hadite News

There's lots of Hadites and reunion information on FaceBook, come find us listed under "Groups" or go to the Hadite Info page to see a listing of the groups.

Note: you need to have a FaceBook account to access the Hadite pages on FaceBook. Information related to reunions or other Hadite matters will be posted on this site when relevant.

2021 Reunion
The 2021 Hadite Reunion will be held in San Diego, California. Go here for the latest information.

Hadite Database
The Hadite Alumni Association database is being updated by datakeeper Julie Peacock Brown '83. To ensure that she has the current contact information for you, or to remove yourself from the database, please go to one of the following:

UHHS/CHS Hadite address notification

Removal request from UHHS/CHS database

Please send any questions regarding the database to Julie at Thanks.

Alumni Association Leadership Team
As for the Hadite Alumni Association, we exist merely to “throw a big party” every 3 years. With the increased use of social media, we will continue to utilize Facebook and this website for news, but in the future, we will no longer send out lengthy newsletters. INSTEAD we will send out post cards/flyers yearly to verify contact info and inform you of upcoming reunion news.  

Alumni Association Leadership Team Members

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