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Welcome to UHHS Stuff, a Hadite web site dedicated to the students and faculty of Upper Heyford High School and Croughton High School, England.  This was a special time and place in our lives and I hope this site will bring back fond memories and will help you find old friends and classmates.
This site designed and created on October 20, 2000 by Gary Crandell '69.
As always, any questions, comments or suggestions are welcome.
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Call the Educational Testing Service (ETS) at 1-800-257-9484.
Please call prior to writing as ETS will not fill requests without the appropriate payment.
The address for ETS is: P.O. Box 6605, Princeton, NJ  08541
Hadite Souvenirs
Gifts and souvenirs with class
year on them available for all
years (1967-1997).

Go here to check it out.
Message Boards
Hadite Info
Hadite yearbooks online.

1971 Student Handbook
1971-1974 Imprint

In Memoriam
Heyford Hadites Yahoo Group

Hadites Hideout Yahoo Group

Hadite Blogs
Click here to see a list of Hadite students and faculty who are no longer with us.

If you have a name to add to this page, please email me. Thanks.
I got off the couch and updated this page on May 3, 2014
There's lots of old and new photos, reunion photos, a Hadite directory, info about reunions, a history page with yearbook covers, a FAQ page, a class slogans page, links to other Hadite sites and other UK schools, links to
Hadite personal sites, a memoriam page, and the only Hadite souvenirs in
the galaxy here. This site is updated all the time, so be sure to check out
the What's New page when you stop by ok? And don't forget to sign the
guestbook and guestmap down at the bottom of this page! As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Thanks, I hope to see you again soon!

Gary Crandell '69

*The photos are currently offline but will be back soon.
Arizona Hadites
If you're a Hadite living in Arizona and would be interested in getting together sometime with other AZ Hadites, please send me an email for more information. Thanks!!

Gary Crandell '69
Tempe, Arizona
Hadite History
Ever wonder where the Hadite name came from, or who the first ever Hadite Homecoming Queen was? Check out the Hadite History page to find out!!

Class Slogans

Class of 1969
Letters and emails of interest
Hadite Newsletter
Please send any comments or questions about the newsletter to the editor, Jamie Francis Melton '83 at:


Old Hadite news
Hadite News

Hadite Database
The Hadite Alumni Association database is being updated by datakeeper Julie Peacock Brown '83. To ensure that she has the current contact information for you, or to remove yourself from the database, please go to one of the following:

UHHS/CHS Hadite address notification

Removal request frm UHHS/CHS database

Please send any questions regarding the database to Julie at Thanks.

Brat Pin
A pin and pendant commemorating military brats has been created by Bob Holliker (H.H. Arnold, Wiesbaden and Verdun, France.) For ordering information please go to

2015 Reunion
The UHHS/CHS Reunion will be held in Chicago, July 16-19, 2015. Go here for more information.

Alumni Association Leadership Team
As for the Hadite Alumni Association, we exist merely to “throw a big party” every 3 years. With the increased use of social media, we will continue to utilize Facebook and this website for news, but in the future, we will no longer send out lengthy newsletters. INSTEAD we will send out post cards/flyers yearly to verify contact info and inform you of upcoming reunion news. 

On a final note, many thanks go out to Lyn Kulczyk Pool ’73, and Candy Falder ’73, for their many years of dedicated service keeping us all connected in the days BEFORE social media!  The current Leadership Team will continue their efforts as we proceed into the next decade!  We all welcome YOUR input & suggestions as we head into the next decades!

There's lots of Hadites on FaceBook, come find us listed under "Groups" or go here if you're already logged in at FB:

2015 Reunion Planning Group Members
Alumni Association Leadership Team Members

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