Hadites since June 26, 2002 who wish they could think of a cool slogan
Welcome to the Hadite Class Slogans page. We've been having a lot of fun with the slogans and you guys have come up with some pretty good ones--the ones you made up for the classes that didn't have one of their own were a riot. But, several of the class reps have let me know recently that their classes aren't interested in coming up with a slogan, so I've decided to change things around a little here. Instead of being a slogan competition between the classes, I've decided to make this page a wall of honor page instead. The classes that have a slogan of their own are honored below, and there will be no mention of the classes that don't have one. Sound fair? So a big thanks to the classes who have taken the time to come up with a slogan, this page honors your Hadite spirit.
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Gary Crandell
Phyllis Barnes McDaniel
Leslie Russell
Paula Ahart Long
Richard Stiles
Bonnie Rust Sartain
Kerry Pfoor
Name witheld by request
Michele Evans
Linda Wallace
Nancy Proffitt
Sandy Moody Smith
Name witheld by request
I got off my butt and updated this page on August 25, 2011
As you can see there's still quite a few classes out there who haven't come up with a slogan, so if your class is one of them, please feel free to send something. If you'd rather not have your name listed, just let me know ok?
Deborah Kachline
Roni Cancino
Tex Bartlemay
Brandon Lawson
Devin Turner
David Collins