On the 1st May 2004, eleven Upper Heyford Hadites gathered at the Unicorn Inn located at Deddington, Oxfordshire.  The night started with drinks at the bar and then a sit down meal. Yearbooks were circulated and lots of photos were taken.  A totally unrelated group of people arrived to eat and came in singing which added to an already brilliant atmosphere.  We ended up singing our Hadite anthem, even though some of the lyrics were a touch misty.

Gary and Jan Crandell were already in England on tour, which is one of the reasons I was compelled to organise the 2004 gathering. Phyllis Barnes McDaniel came over for a long weekend and we were sorry to have not seen her very much due to touring with friends. Paula Marie Grong Becker came all the way from South Dakota to attend the gathering as well as spend some time in England.

Gary, myself, Deborah and Phyllis all managed (but not together) to get up to the ‘old school’ to have a look through the security gates and take some photos.

I would like to thank all listed below for their support this year and hope to see you all in 2006.

Leoma Needham 72


Gary Crandell 69
Lynda Guernsey Lucatello 70
Deborah Smith Nelson 71
Phyllis Barnes McDaniel 71
Paul Finck 73
Paula Marie Grong Becker74
Denise Miller Rustemier 75
Mike Rustemier 75
Julie Cobb Brooks 76
Michele Bernier Skaer 76
UK Reunion

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Front row: Phyllis Barnes McDaniel '71, Deborah Smith Nelson '71, Paula Grong Becker '74, Michele Bernier Skaer '76

Back row: Leoma Needham '72, Paul Finck '73, Lynda Guernsey Lucatello '70, Gary Crandell '69, Julie Cobb Brooks '76, Mike Rustemier '75, Denise Miller Rustemier '75